FISHTECH Stephen McCullah's CRYPTO SCAM - Learn Fish Farming & Veggie Harvesting with APOLLO FINTECH

FISHTECH Stephen McCullah's CRYPTO SCAM - Learn Fish Farming & Veggie Harvesting with APOLLO FINTECH
DANNY : DE HEK In this video, Stephen McCullah is showing off his new farm 🌱🐟. He's going to be farming fish 🐠, using it as a visitor center 🏠 and a training center for mechanics 🔧.

He will also be teaching people how to harvest vegetables 🥦. Stephen invites everyone to come and visit the farm and stay in the visitor center! 🙌


Introduction 00:00:00

Stephen Mccullah 00:04:14

Report a Scam 00:05:10

The Farm 00:06:55

The iMessage to Stephen 00:15:50

The LunaOne Fraud 00:17:40

Paying Cindy, Sultan & Martin off 00:18:20

Knox Bank 00:20:30

Robert (BoB) Mccullah 00:24:30

Haven't Been Served 00:26:30

The Mines 00:32:00

Conclusion 00:37:55

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DANNY : DE HEK is the Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger. This group purpose is to expose illegal Ponzi schemes and Scams and expose people who promote these get rich quick platforms in a selfish attempt to profit.


Stephen Mccullah (LunaOne) promoted a presale offering to people where they could purchase LunaOne tokens / coins before they were listed on an exchange. Stephen Mccullah (LunaOne) didn’t release the tokens / coins for the people to sell on the listing day. The presale promotions claimed that Stephen McCullah (LunaOne) would launch coins on the exchange at $0.25 each instead the LunaOne tokens / coins were launched on the exchange at release at $0.05 each. Stephen McCullah (LunaOne) even wrote an apology to the community admitting liability.

Stephen McCullah (LunaOne) then purchased tokens / coins from the exchange at $0.05 or less and gave them to the people that purchased them at $0.10-$0.15 each. This is fraud and we have evidence to prove this.


Dear Stephen,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to address some concerns that have been brought to my attention regarding the lack of communication from your legal team. 🤔

I understand that Natalie has been suggesting that I should have received letters from your legal team. However, to date, I have not received anything. 📭🤔

I must say, Steven, your inability to complete tasks and follow through on your promises is truly impressive. Perhaps you should consider enrolling in some self-help courses to improve in this area. 🤔💡

On a more serious note, I wanted to inform you that I have submitted all the information I have about you and your team to various government departments in America. In fact, I have been in correspondence with one of them, who has started to ask me some probing questions. 🧐

Furthermore, I have been approached by two whistleblower companies. However, I declined their offers as I am confident in my ability to handle the situation without the need for legal representation. 🙅‍♀️💪

I hope this message serves as a wake-up call for you, Steven. Please take the necessary steps to address the issues at hand.

Best regards,

DANNY : DE HEK aka The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger

P.S. I never received a reply from your last cease and desist letter what’s the hold up?


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