Stephen McCullah Lies, Corruption, Fake Crypto Schemes - Apollo Currency/Fintech, LunaOne & Gold Inc

Stephen McCullah Lies, Corruption, Fake Crypto Schemes - Apollo Currency/Fintech, LunaOne & Gold Inc


The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger strikes again. Stephen McCullah, a young zoology enthusiast based in Beaumont, Texas who failed to find and capture a living dinosaur and dog-sized tarantula on expedition in the Congo. It was also alleged he misappropriated funds from a kickstarter campaign that raised $29,000. This was only the beginning...

Ten years later, he now has his own country that he is the president of, called the United Allied States (UAS), he was voted in by three people! He will be providing countries a platform where they can run their countries on, this ecosystem will have their own version of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok. This ecosystem will also have its own currency that is backed by real gold, he will be running a tourist attraction where people can go and visit a real mine, watch explosions and test machinery and the like. Lies, Corruption, Fake Crypto Schemes, always making announcements and claims that are unsubstantiated.

In the meantime headlines around the world are reading "Meta (facebook) laying off more than 11,000 employees, due to lack of interest for the MetaVerse" which even makes it more unbelievable that he believes he has the answers to all the world's problems.

I've done quite a lot of research and investigating on Apollo Currency/ Apollo Fintech / Gold Secured Currency/ LunaOne/ Hyper Technologies/ Stratus/ Gold Inc and more. There's so many lies, claims, corruption and many fake Crypto schemes. Many of us are now starting to build a database of information, so we can at least slow or stop Stephen McCullah from profiteering from people who don't do their due diligence. Below is some information that may help you, if you are thinking about investing with any of the above companies/schemes.

LIES TOLD BY STEPHEN MCCULLAH provided by(The Real Phantom)

- Why has Steve lied over the years claiming that Apollo hardly has any NXT code left? It was just proven in court that Apollo is made up of 75% of NXT code.

- Why is Steve telling people on the GSX website that GSX holders have a claim to the mine without the documentation proven so?

- Why did Steve lie about signing a deal with CBZ? Marc the chairman has responded stating no deal between them happened.

- Why did Steve lie, telling his investors that he will have Apollo listed on all of the top 20 exchanges in 2019.

- Why has Steve always claimed to know people at the very top of Binance but still struggles to get Apollo listed and asks all his dogs to beg cz on twitter for a listing.

- Why is Steve not down as a trustee on any of the GSX documents, this is because the mine is not owned by him or Apollo fintech. Its his daddys.

- Why did Steve lie about gold inc when it first got mentioned in 2019, he claimed a gaming company had approached him and ask if they could use Apollos blockchain for its game. When in fact the game is something he and his best friend kyle failed to get funding for years ago.

- Why did Steve lie about the UAS. Why did he claim he was approached by the people who behind this idea, when in fact it was his and fat boys willies idea. Steve was always going to be made president because UAS is his creation. All the interns have said they were approached by people who work for Apollo, which shows Apollo is the only company behind the UAS.

- Why did Steve catfish TT and had Atlas claim to be an underage girl to catch the pervert out.

- Why has Steve never told his community that the mines that will be providing the gold for GSX belongs to his dad and was not given as a Government deal.

- Why did Steve give away untold 100s of million of Apollo at the start, why did he say it wasnt of value at the time.

- Why has he not uploaded the documents backing up the recent price increase for GSX to 10 cents, he did this moments before the lease because he does not want to give out loads of GSX

- What ever happened to this deal with a nation, 20 million Apollo wallet users would be issued.

- When will he admit that HitBTC has delisted them and its never coming back.

- When will admit to the community that he sold Apollo otc cheaper then its all time low and its most likely those who are selling.

- When will he admit that he has paid devs in Apollo and it has been proven that they've been dumping over the years, bringing Apollos price down to rock bottom.

- Why did he lie claiming he was waiting for his visa to fly out of south africa so he could return after his trip to the USA first state, this was a lie just to by him some time.

- What happened between Steve and Cobus Swanepoel? 🤔

- Why did he claim Jorge was validating Sharding

FORMAL RESPONSE (to Harmans Lawyers)

This letter is to serve as formal response of your Cease and Desist demands in your communication.

1. We will not be removing any videos from YouTube exposing Stephen Mccullah, LunaOne or Apollo;

2. Nor will DANNY : DE HEK LTD be writing any retraction statements;

3. We will definitely not be paying any of Stephen Mccullah’s legal fees.

However, we would consider removing the videos if Stephen McCullah returned money to the following people that invested:


Sultan K APL/ GSX $70,000 and Gold Inc $40,000

Martin K £10,000

Tracy P $18,700

Ann B $5489.50

Susan A $75,000

Vinka C $7500

John A $921.90

Martin T $17,504

Steven D $3987.75

Brian B $5000

Dean S $6000

Rebecca R $1200

Amanda K $4950

Donivan W $25,312.20

Andres C $6000

Todd J $12,800

Brandon G $3600

Laura S $5000

Franco F $5500

We reserve the right to seek legal recourse against you if all affected financial losses are not made right. This includes refunding all people who have lost money across all your several projects, these include: Apollo Currency/ Apollo Fintech / Gold Secured Currency/ Luna One/ Hyper Technologies/ Stratus/ Gold Inc and more, as well as compensating any other persons or entities that may have suffered a loss or damage. Furthermore, we reserve the right to add names of those who may have lost money at a later date if they are identified through investigations.

Please respond within seven (7) business days regarding your plans to remedy the situation.

If our requests are not followed, we will be forced to take alternative methods to achieve our goal. We reserve the right to pursue such action and any potential legal implications that may result from it.

Let me remind you that everything that has been promulgated (promoted or made widely known) by Mr. Stephen McCullah has been a serious fraud;

Stephen Mccullah (LunaOne) promoted a presale offering to people where they could purchase LunaOne tokens / coins before they were listed on an exchange. Stephen Mccullah (LunaOne) didn’t release the tokens / coins for the people to sell on the listing day. The presale promotions claimed that Stephen McCullah (LunaOne) would launch coins on the exchange at $0.25 each instead the LunaOne tokens / coins were launched on the exchange at release at $0.05 each. Stephen McCullah (LunaOne) even wrote an apology to the community admitting liability.

Stephen McCullah (LunaOne) then purchased tokens / coins from the exchange at $0.05 or less and gave them to the people that purchased them at $0.10-$0.15 each. This is fraud and we have evidence to prove this.

We also have numerous videos and statements from many people alleging they have been scammed.

We’re willing to testify in the New Zealand High Court to expose Stephen McCullah and LunaOne for serious fraud.

No video that I’ve produced is inaccurate. I interviewed people who were telling their story, the facts, on how they have been scammed by Stephen McCullah and LunaOne. If any video is in violation, then you have a choice to report it to YouTube who will review your claims. If after review, YT identifies the video inappropriate for their platform, they will take action to remove it.

On the right corner Steven Mccullah (LunaOne)

Here is a list of other videos also claiming they have been scammed by LunaOne. These video speak for themselves.

Left corner Danny de Hek (Danny de Hek Limited)

Danny full-page article in the New York Times about my quest to name and shame anyone running Ponzi schemes or Scams.

Mmmm Featured in the The Otago Times, interviewed by Radio New Zealand and a Page in the NYT

Talking & Interviews; New Zealand Herald, Stuff, The Listener

Also are you talking to producer of Netflix documentary “The Great Hack” that being commissioned to do another documentary called the rise and fall of Crypto they’ve asked if I would be interested in telling my story for the next documentary.

Been approached by two whistleblowing companies in America who asked if we can work together “Whistleblower Justice Network” and “Constantine Cannon” Both of these companies have been given full access to our research on Steven Mccullah we also have a dedicated team of fact finders.

I will not be removing any content that I have published from my YouTube Channel or retracting any statements that I have made after the fact about LunaOne or Apollo

The man that you are representing is a bully online, we have evidence that he has threatened people with their lives. He can throw his money around and get away with scamming people if he wants, I’m here to name and shame anyone promoting Ponzi schemes for scamming people, with the fall of FTX

Online crime is more rampant than ever you can represent a man like this if you want but I can assure you I’m very transparent and everything I do and I’ll make it very clear that a New Zealand law firm is representing an American scam artist.

I interviewed three people that wanted to tell the story Because they felt they were scammed by LunaOne

At the very start of the video I made it very clear I didn’t know anything about LunaOne

However Both these people Steven and Ann a happy to testify in court and tell their experience with LunaOne.

Other people saying they have been scammed

I’m a little surprised you actually took on this case.

The way I look at it, some crazy Kiwi decided to take on these big time Ponzi scheme companies, that are scamming people out of millions of dollars. I wonder how many other law firms decline to get involved, rather than going after the money? If you haven’t already been paid do you know you’re getting paid with money collected from committing fraud. It’s the same as working for the cartel.

This is very unethical, I’m so proud of the other legal companies that decided not to take this case on and get involved. I’m very transparent you can see this with the work I have online.

I’m a New Zealander who is published over 180 videos exposing Scams and Ponzi schemes. You’re supporting a guy that got traction in life by his rich family and creating kickstarter campaigns that allege he's using the money to hunt for dinosaurs.

I also have screenshots voice recordings from Stephen talking about their strategies which you can be privy to what you’ve already been handed on to whistleblowers companies mentioned above.

If you are going to represent this guy, it will be in the public arena “Harmans Lawyers” chases the money, doesn’t have anything to do with ethics or supporting New Zealanders instead supports scammers such as Stephen McCullah the self appointed dinosaur hunter.


On a personal note, you may be familiar with the company I closed down a few weeks ago ELITE : SIX Business Networking. Over the nine years I owned and ran that company I met the majority of lawyers and solicitors in Christchurch, many of these people are in my business family and still give me good solid advice.

A little history with Harmans and ELITE : SIX at the start we had a real advocate for my Business Networking company “Brent Selwyn” it was obvious Brent had a big influence in Harmans at the time. I met up with one of your staff at your work do at Evil Genius who confirm the history you guys have with “Brent Selwyn”, didn’t seem to have left your company in a good standing, for whatever reason.

I personally never connected with them not my type of lawyer and obviously not very good at spotting a scam when percent it to him by slimy sales people let me explain…

There was an event at Chateau on the Park, a group of Australians thought they would come along and try scamming a bunch of Kiwis. I spotted Brent in the audience, I was there with three of my colleagues doing research and development about scams. Brent didn’t listen to my advice even though I was texting them as the event was running, so he new better and invested, two days after the event it was in the paper everyone at the event lost the money including Brent.

I’m very street savvy when it comes to these scams and I’ve been researching them for years and I have saved people from losing a tonne of money. I’m proud of my efforts to date rather than supporting these animals I would recommend not getting involved specially if it could tarnish your reputation.

Help me fight the scammers, don’t support them nor take their blood money, there’s a real ScamDemic going on at the moment do not give them the fuel to continue. I have good support network but it would be awesome if companies like yours actually gave pro bono advice to individuals like me to take on these ugly scammers.

If you are going to reply to Stephen Mccullah please pass on other correspondence from his victims


I wish to warn you about Mr Stephen McCullah, who in my opinion is one of the lowest lifeforms on this planet, super seeded only by a cockroach.

I am a victim of the McCullah Hyper Technologies Inc trading as LunaOne XLN token and well versed of the numerous outright lies and misrepresentations claimed by this company. Much of the lies and misrepresentations fall under civil law, and you will be well aware as to why I have not taken action myself.

Mr McCullah has in fact committed the crime of fraud, a criminal act which I and my community are pursuing for authority to investigate. I have sent details of this crime many times to LunaOne, even asking if I am incorrect please explain. To date I receive no reply.

Please see my last email to LunaOne below. Remember they were accepting investors payments right up to 31/10/2022 and released the statement on the 01/11/2022.